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Hard to imagine that in this country way over 3 MILLION kids are without homes. H-O-M-E-L-E-S-S Kids. I don't get it. Are we willing to discard these kids? Not me. So this blog will relentlessly focus on this issue, hoping to light a spark to fuel a compassion epidemic. Chime in, argue, but do something....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Stakes, Big Shame

Seated at this huge table, 3-year-old "Sassy" awaits her mother who is picking up the tray of food served at this church/homeless shelter.

Some things hit me as more absurd than others. I perused the Baton Rouge newspaper last night following our filming session at the Lafayette shelter-de-jour, the First Christian Church, where four families stay for the night. The above photo just jumped out at me...a little girl waits at the table for her mom to bring her food. Homelessness families in Louisiana (and elsewhere) struggle to exist, relying on the goodness of people of faith, while the state's most talked-about industry, casinos, spend over $7.5 million dollars to influence the recent election to pick one of them to operate a casino in East Baton Rouge.

Seems to me that saying anything more about this would be fruitless. I'll place a bet that the state doesn't spend $7.5 million to help people move out of homelessness....then fold my hand and step away from the table.

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